Did you lose something?

It happens to the best of us. That important thing you need right now… well, you can’t find it. You’ve looked everywhere. You looked where you normally keep it, you looked where you last saw it, and you’ve even re-traced your steps.

It’s time to pray to Saint Anthony of Padua!

Many faithful believe that Saint Anthony will help you find your hidden treasure. And all we can say is, “It works!”

Does prayer clear your mind so that you can see things a little better? Do your words to St. Anthony help you forget about other distractions so you can better concentrate?

The answer is YES, and here’s why…

St. Anthony lost his important book of psalms. (At that time, all books were far more “valuable” since they had not yet been mass-produced. Each one was a relatively unique creation.) Plus, St. Anthony’s book included special notes he had taken while studying, and for sharing with his students.

With the book missing, Anthony prayed it would be found. It turns out that a man had stolen the book, but ultimately felt the need to return it. (Today, this book resides in Bologna.)

So whether you have lost your important book or your car keys, just offer this prayer to St. Anthony:

Dear St. Anthony,
Thank you for teaching the world just a little bit about patience, and letting us know that good things happen often in time.
Help me to be mindful of what is truly important right now: my faith, my family, my friends, my talents that God gave to me, my community, my neighbors, and those I meet during my days.
Saint Anthony, I pray you take me to my lost item, or that I might see more clearly to stumble upon it, or that I might think more clearly of my last steps and possible hiding locations.

I also pray for those who are lost in their faith to have the strength and courage to come closer to God through prayer.