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Addicted to alcohol...
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Addicted to alcohol.

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Hi, I am looking for some support. I have a drinking problem. At first when I had issues, my friends and family were there to help. I tried to quit a couple of times, but I ended up drinking again. Now they don't care about me anymore. There is no one to help me. I am thinking to get help from some recovery center. Can someone suggest a good one that I can consider? I did some research and found this <a title="alcohol addiction recovery center" href=" removed link " target="true">alcohol addiction recovery center in Toronto. Does anyone know about this place? It would be great if someone can help me with your valuable advice. Please pray for me.

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Posted : November 27, 2019 2:49 am
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have you thought about a "cleanse" - i yearly do the Lemonade Diet to cleanse my body & get into an exercise routine - i always start on ash wednesday as it is a FAST & abstinence day and the beginning of Lent - give up alcohol for Lent - God knows all your cheating & at that point you are done - your fast is broken - if you cheat. everyone will leave you to abstain from whatever you give up for Lent! and you will actually enjoy new beverages & experience the life out there without  alcohol -  i always feel i've accomplished something and make it a game - my drinking boyfriend has extended our non-drinking from the super bowl (after the game) to cinco de mayo cuz he enjoys the challenge! get The Lemonade Diet book - it's a discipline not for the weak!!! you'll have now till ash wednesday to commit to it! only you can change your life 🙂

and start your Lent days with some good spiritual reading too 


(i will be thinking good thoughts for you)

Have a wonderful CHRISTMAS

Posted : December 18, 2019 7:11 pm
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hello grace,

BEAUTIFUL name! you are a gift! 

i'm mentally preparing myself for my annual alcohol clean out!!! super bowl to cinco de mayo - & get myself back in shape, spiritually and physically - it is not easy for anyone who enjoys a few adult beverages & i don't drink one drink when i drink!! 

i've been thinking good thoughts about you & want to send you love and another bit of strength -- no one can change you, YOU must do it. is a bottle of alcohol stronger than you? admit you can't handle it & let it go! you know how i quit smoking - i stopped. is that cigarette stronger than me? is it going to run MY life? mentally become what you want to become - a non-drinker - TRUMP does not drink (his brother died of alcoholism) - think of the social functions he attends!!!! i became a non-smoker (so many years ago i bet no one believes i ever smoked BUT I LOVED IT) you want to be a loser?? LOSER? is that what YOU want or what your family tells you? wake up grace-- GOD LOVES YOU!

i'll be thinking of you while i change up my habits these next few months --- & i'll check back here after the cinco de mayo to see IF YOU DID IT!

love & prayers


Posted : January 25, 2020 1:39 pm
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hello grace!

I'm back checking 🙂

Easter sunday i happened to catch a bit of ROCK CHURCH pastor miles mcpherson speaking some words of encouragement & thought immediately of YOU.

he is an X charger, while in his 20's doing cocaine, smoking dope etc, DRINKING, chasing multiple ladies - losing everything -- he stopped ALL in one day to change his life -- LOOK HIM UP - san diego rock church.

i'm still not drinking till cinco de mayo -- thank God cuz i'd probably not get the fabulous work done around the house on this COVID 19 lock down - I've planted my first garden ever!! and i feel great - best shape health wise in a long time!! i'm keeping strong -- you stay healthy!!

love & prayers to you!



Posted : April 13, 2020 11:42 am