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Fatal Car wreck

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Yesterday afternoon my friend Shelly was driving with her sister Stacey (41) and her nephew Bryce (22) when a 16 year old boy t-boned them on the highway. He wasn't paying attention at all. Stacey was killed, they think, instantly. Shelly is in VERY SERIOUS condition and in ICU right now. 5 broken ribs, broken arm, leg and ankle. Her Nephew- Stacey's son, who was the passenger in the front (Stacey was sitting directly behind Shelly who was driving) is also in serious but stable condition. He has a dislocated shoulder with possible break, i think Shelly's dad said he has a broken arm too?? not sure on that one, and severe neck and back pain. I've been praying for all of Shelly's family, but the young boy has REALLY been on my mind the most. His incredibly stupid and careless mistake took the life of a women and seriously hurt 2 others. Plus, we're not even sure what will happen with Shelly yet. That boy, ONLY 16, will have to live with that forever. This whole thing truly breaks my heart. PLEASE PLEASE pray for everyone involved. Thank you!

Posted : October 2, 2019 1:58 pm
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My heart goes out to all involved in this very sad and tragic situation. I’m praying that God will comfort those remaining and heal those that have been hurt. 

Posted : September 18, 2020 5:46 am