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San Diego St. Paul Street Evangelization Prayer Requests

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• A father asked for prayers for his son Mario who is nineteen, for guidance and strength.

• Christian Moreno is a young man who is suffering from a severe form of arthritis which has him confined to a wheel chair, please pray for a full healing and recovery. Pray for his family as well as they provide care and support for him through this challenging condition.

• Pray for Jasmine and her mother Gina, they were burdened by some sadness but were not able to share what it was. We shared rosaries and medals with them and encouraged them to pray. Please pray that they turn to Jesus and His Mother to guide them through whatever difficulty is besetting them.

• Pray for Antoinette and her family. Her sister, Amanda, is a heroine addict and just gave birth to a baby boy, she does not want to keep the child and Antoinette is going to seek the adoption of the child. Please pray for the successful adoption of the baby and that his mother overcome her addiction.

• Pray for Amber, who serves in the navy, and her newly born baby.

• Pray for the daughter of Zarik who is on her honeymoon cruise in the Carribean and being threaten by the hurricane. Pray for their safe return.

*Tyler stopped and talked for a while, he took about 10 rosary's to hand out to others and also medals

*Teresa pray for her return to the catholic church

*Dorado lapsed catholic took lots of brochures, we talked to him about returning to the church.

*Linda has asked for healing prayers, to be cancer free.

*Elisa is praying she finds a job.

*Praising God for a beautiful elderly man, 95yrs young, who just began receiving the Eucharist, again!

*Praying for Theresa’s physical and spiritual healing and for Maria. May God bring her mental stability and physical strength as she carries her twins to term.

*In gratitude for healing and continued health for Paul.

*Please pray for sons Luke and Mathew, and for Luce and Maria.

*Prayers for a beautiful and very open lady, that she may return home to the Catholic Church.

*Dear Emily, praying for joy and love to enter her life. She received a Miraculous Medal. Surely this will help!
Aug. 23rd

*Please pray for Sefal, whose having nightmares and for Michelle’ surgery.

*M.J. asks for prayers for family, world peace and for spiritually strong men.

*Sally, we pray for your return to the Church and for healing.

*Please pray for the soul of Gloria, recently passed and for Anita and her entire family traveling today to Gloria’s Funeral Mass.

*For Jack, a very troubled young man.

*Praying for Mark’s conversion and for Dawn’s family to be saved.

*For ‘Jogger Women’(forgot to get her name), who loves Jesus but is not a member of any church. She says she’s trying to “figure things out”. We pray the Miraculous Medal and holy cards she took will guide her straight into the Catholic Church.

*Harold and Janet, celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary said they pray 3 Hail Marys every night before bedtime. Could that be why they’re together for 60yrs??🌅

*For Louis Manuel Sanchez who took a Rosary and offered to return it as soon as he completed his prayers!!! He prayed 1 Rosary for Priests, policemen and paramedics and then prayed 1 for us(SPSE) right there in front of us on the ‘grassy area’. May God bless dear Louis... we let him keep the Rosary😊.

*Todd, a young Catholic man attending St Mary’s in Escondido, asked for prayers for his upcoming marriage to Theresa. May God send his blessings on them and may they have at least 60 happy years together!!

*Two beautiful Catholic Hispanic ladies stopped, took literature, books and medals. Linda asked for prayers for son Darian who’s in the Air Force and for all her family as did Martha. especially for her son, Herardo who’s in the Navy.

*And lastly, prayers for Kelly’s friend in the Legion of Mary. Marie, a physical therapist, will be traveling on a mission trip to Ghana.

Posted : September 4, 2019 9:46 am