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San Diego St. Paul Street Evangelization Prayer Requests

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For Bella's mother Mary Carmen who is recovering from a stroke and for her husband Jack who is recovering from cancer.

For Tanya's mother Yvonne who is recovering from cancer.

For Michael and Adonika whose child was still born, ask the Lord to comfort them in their loss. In addition, Michael and Adonika are engaged, asked that they be strengthened in their relationship with each other and with the Lord as they prepare for a life journey together.

For Doreen, who has been away from the church that her heart may be open to the invitation of Jesus.

We especially pray for John, he is in a wheel chair and needs prayers of healing.

Darrel 1 year sober stopped by to let us know and to ask for continued prayers.

Fanny from St.Mary's continue recovery from her surgery.

Jose Domingue Rodregues needs prayers

Denise her husband died from a meth overdose, she needs prayers for herself and for him,

Zara and her family they are Catholics and ask for prayers for her grandfather who passed away. We prayed with them for him there at the table.

>> Carmen and family from Tucson Arizona: For safe travels, and for family, Serafina and Bella, Hermana and Josephine.
>> John who stopped by with a huge smile and asked for a former Marine transitioning, in looking for a new job. He asked for prayers for his mother Elma. He and Elma are Catholic…he was so excited we were there, and couldn’t wait to call his mother in Texas to share he spoke with us.
>> A man Kelly and I call “Bicycle Man”  who didn’t want to share his name. He is now a non-denominational minister, but was raised as a Catholic. He shared his own painful experience raised as a Catholic. He wanted to vent, and seemed to be holding onto bitterness. We could sense his childhood wounds and the pain from his experience, and mainly listened. We did have the opportunity to engage in some healthy and constructive dialogue. I shared some of my own personal testimony and miracles that have been happening lately within the Catholic Church… which, I believe, opened a door in his heart to listen about our Church in ways he hadn’t heard. He ended up thanking us for being there. He did ask for prayer for scales to fall off of people’s eyes.  We offered up a quick prayer for him, that Jesus heal His inner heart wounds, and all wounds and barriers…so that he will be open to receive the fullness of Truth of the Catholic Faith into which he was baptized.
>> Linda and Annie-who are very active in their Presbyterian Church - Linda asked for prayer for her brother Rick, who was undergoing a stress test as we were speaking. We quickly joined hands and prayed for Rick and for his healing. Annie requested prayer for complete healing of her son Joseph’s trigger finger. Annie took down my Brianna’s name to add to their prayer list at their church, for protection from spiritual warfare... as Brianna’s goes out and speaks about Jesus. This is an example of the unity we are desiring within His Body! So awesome!!
>> Our own Kelly- that her home will sell quickly and for the price she needs... and then the Name of Jesus, through the intercession of St. Joseph.

Posted : August 7, 2019 9:53 am
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Lord, we know you hear our prayers, and we thank you with all our hearts.

Posted : August 10, 2019 7:08 pm