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St. Paul Street Evangelization-San Diego Prayer Requests

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Lucy 10 year old who wanted to learn to pray the rosary, her mother was ok with this and also took a rosary and brochure on how to pray the Rosary

Jimmy has colon cancer we prayed with him and his wife Lilian and ask you to keep them in your prayers also.

Pattie and Ed from Vista Bible Church, they set up a prayer table next to us we pray for the will of our Lord in their lives.

Sixto Lopez, John, Matt young marines who stopped by for St. Michael the Archangel medals, young catholic men away from home please pray for them.

The Carter family stopped and asked for prayers for their family.

Prayers for Diana, her daughter and grandchildren;

For Connie’s eye doctor appointment;

For our dear Sheila, suffering from MS, that our Lord will effect a cure, especially for the use of her right hand;

We’re praying for Joseph, that his anger may dissipate as he discovers the truth!;

For Sally, that her biopsy report is negative and the sale of her condo goes smoothly;

Prayers for Virginia’s safe travel and for her family;

Praise report from Lorenzo, as he returned to tell us he attended Mass with his mother and 14yr old daughter. Praise God!;

Sonya stopped to tell us she’s not Catholic but always felt she should be. She took 2 pamphlets, ‘The Eucharist’ and ‘This We Believe’. Please pray a seed has been planted;

Marysol asked we please pray for her sister, Reya;

Virginia... prayers for Mike who is an addict;

Roger has asked for prayers;

Please pray for Armando!...covered in death tattoos, the last person we expected to stop and talk, asked so many questions about our Lord and life, that it appears he is on the verge of conversion. We hope and pray;

Steve, a pilot, asked us to pray for his safety;

Maria asked for prayers for brother, Jose, who recently passed away and for her family;

Prayers for baby Grace and mom, Marisa;

Rita and Rudy asked for a St. Francis prayer card;

Teresa... prayers for Maria, her mother;

Carmen, prayers for her children;

Judith asked for prayers for daughters Judith and Karen;

Pray for Javita Barria;

Rosemarie’s sister Ruth, a recent heart transplant patient, is doing so well. Thanking God for this and for her 97yr old friend Elsie. Also, asking for prayers for the rest of her family.


Posted : November 13, 2019 11:25 am