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For the Poor

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Rob Doerr
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Lord, we know that one the most exciting things about our world is how diverse things are. The colors You have provided for all the plants, animals, and minerals. The range of temperatures that we enjoy from the scorching hot beach to the ice ski slopes. The tastes that we enjoy from sweet candy to salty snacks to sour fruits. Lord, all of Your diversity also includes the rich and the poor. We know that people in every socioeconomic group have quality of life issues. Some are so rich they are just not happy. Some are so poor they have not eaten in weeks. Tonight we are praying together for all of the people around the world who will go hungry as they try to sleep, for all the people who cannot sleep because they are so cold, for all the people who can't close their eyes out of fear for what's around the corner. These are Your people, Lord, and they are our brothers and sisters in Your name, Jesus. Protect them and improve their quality of life.

Posted : May 23, 2019 7:36 pm